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Why Become A Member Of The Getaway Spot (Fort Worth Bld #1)

Member Days

Outside of our building rentals, we are open to our members on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 11am - 8pm

Member Perks

Our members experience our facility and service, including:

*Available Beverages 

*The Getaway Juice (Comp Beverage) 

*Available Food Specials




*Nearly 2 Acres Of Wonderful Outdoors

Special Events Monthly

Each month our members will have access to enjoy a special event coordinated by The Getaway Spot, ranging from Comedy Shows, Live Concerts, Live Streaming Sporting Events, Movie Night, and more!  *Remember: Every event and rental at The Getaway Spot benefits our monthly charity event done on our property each first Monday of each month starting May 2018.

The Getaway Spot Is A Members Only Facility

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